October 26, 2014


Posted in: Family


Four weeks ago, Toby and I spent a fortnight in Adelaide and my mission while there was to find a place to live. Because of Andrew’s uni and work schedule, it made it difficult for him to inspect properties without my help. We found a place that was only a few minutes away from Andrew’s uni (a requirement for Andrew) and Glenelg Beach (a requirement for me) very quickly and had to move in just as quick. As a result, Toby and I had to get out of our apartment in Melbourne, we had 3 weeks to pack and clean. The packing wasn’t too bad but the cleaning, it almost killed me.

Now that it is all over I can’t believe I didn’t hire a cleaner to do it for me. It took a week to clean, each day after work I would spend 4-5 hours there, scrubbing, wiping, dusting, every nook and cranny. The emotional pregnancy hormones took over on the second day while I was cleaning and I sat on the floor of the empty apartment and I sobbed/whaled like a crazy person because I was so overwhelmed by all the cleaning I had to do. I didn’t really want to ask anyone for help but I caved and thanks to my sister and my friend supplying me with a bottle of non alcoholic champagne, I got through it.

All our belongings are now in our new home in Adelaide, the only things missing are Toby and I. At the moment we are in transit, an 8 week transit as I have to stay in Melbourne and finish up work. Luckily our friends are putting us up for that duration and it really is a nice way to end our time in Melbourne because they are one of the many, many things that I am going to so dearly miss about the city I love so much.


^Toby realising moving is hard work.


^ 4 weeks ago when Toby and I had to say bye to Andrew after our 2 week stay. It would be our last road trip back to Melbourne, the next time Toby and I come to Adelaide, we won’t be leaving.