November 4, 2014

The Survey Results

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Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to answer our survey about our blog. We got an overwhelming response, over 1000!, and it is great to get feedback from readers to understand what they want from this place. The survey answers clearly show that Toby Wigglebottom is the star of the blog and the main reason people keep coming back.

Next year, when I’m on maturity leave (I hear you have heaps of free time with a newborn, all they do is sleep, right?!) I want to post more consistently and of the things you love to see. I have had questions such as, ‘Why aren’t you posting photos from The Weekend That Was anymore?’ And the truth is, since Andrew moved to Adelaide, I haven’t been motivated to take the camera out on the weekends. But that will all change soon, The Weekend That Was will definitely be coming back in 2015 along with lots of other great posts you want to see and will hopefully enjoy.

Here is what you have to say about

How long have you been a reader?

41% of you have been a fan right from the very beginning – thanks for sticking around, guys!

57% have just recently found us – and we hope you stay

2% of you, when you completed the survey, was your first time coming across the blog

How did you find TobyWigglebottom?

67% of you found this blog through Instagram which didn’t surprise me since Toby has a bit of a following on there

16% through word of mouth – keep spreading the word people!

9% through another blog or a recommendation

5% of you found us by accident – a happy accident I hope

3% through Facebook

How often do you visit TobyWigglebottom?

67% of you pop over here when there is an Instagram or Facebook notification about a new post

17% check it everyday – sorry about the lack of daily content if you are checking every day. If only there was more time in a day/week to give this place attention

15% see what’s going on around here when you are bored or have nothing to do

What do you like most about this site (you can choose more than one)?

Because people were able to choose more than one option, the results will not add up to 100%

94% come here to look at the photos of Toby – I don’t blame you, he is pretty easy to look at

89% for the stories about Toby – this was surprising as I didn’t think people cared too much to read about what he is up to, look at pictures yes, but not read words

75% come for the stories about our lives

64% to get dog tips

62% pop over to see the pictures from our lives

50% to obtain dog facts

43% for dog recipes

25% to read interviews

11% don’t like anything in particular, you just like coming here

What are your favourite posts (you can choose more than one)?

91% stories about Toby’s life

46% dog tips

72% pictures of Toby

49% how dogs can enhance your life

41% how dogs think

81% The Weekend That Was

60% Post about your lives

52% Andrew doing medical school

16% things you can buy

What would you be interested in seeing more of (you can choose more than one)?

84% pictures and stories of Toby

63% pictures and stories of your lives

42% DIY and How Tos

42% informative dog posts

32% interviews with other dog owners

37% dog recipes

55% how to live the best life with your dog

16% more posts that are related to human things such as dinner recipes, healthy eating, hair, travel, things to do

54% how to give your dog the best life

53% random dog things

44% funny photos or posts about dogs

Why do you come here (you can choose more than one)?

94% I like to see what Toby is up to

72% I like to see what your family is up to

50% I like the blog posts

36% I find it educational, informative

3% of you have nothing better to do

Do you have a dog?

89% of you do

11% of you don’t

Thank you again for taking the time to do this survey. Your feedback, emails and comments never go unnoticed and we plan on delivering more of what you want.

Thanks for stopping by,

Love Helena & Toby Wigglebottom