November 26, 2014

Better Than Christmas

Posted in: Family


In 3 weeks Andrew, Toby and I can stop communicating this way, sending daily photos to each other so we don’t forget what the other looks like. I can’t believe this year is over and done with, it feels like just yesterday I came home to find Andrew gone with a note left on the kitchen table thanking me for allowing him to take our family down this path and hoping that the year will fly and be as painless as possible.

In 3 weeks, Andrew will get on a plane in Adelaide, fly to Melbourne where I will pick him up from the airport and we will drive to Adelaide from there. I’ll be 31 weeks then and don’t want to drive on my own for the 9 hours just in case I go into early labour, hence why Andrew is coming to meet me. I’m so excited for that car ride.

So much is waiting at the end of that trip, new beginnings, the place my son will be born, waking up to Andrew every day, after 8 years of dreaming and hoping, my bestie and I will finally live in the same state (she is moving to Adelaide in January!!!), lots of weekend fun with friends and morning walks on the beach with Toby.

The count down has officially started and it’s more exciting than the countdown to Christmas.