November 26, 2014

Cafe-ing With Your Pooch

Posted in: Dog


I can’t believe our time in Melbourne is almost at an end. One thing I am going to miss so much about this place is going to the millions of amazing cafes for brunch with Toby. We have loved trying out new and repeatedly going to old favourite cafés each weekend.

When Toby came into our lives, we were determined to turn him into a well behaved café hanger. We took him to lots of cafés when he was a puppy and he has transitioned into a patient and chilled brunch-er.

It is easy taking a well behaved pooch out for a meal at your favourite café although, like taking a baby out, there are a few things you need to make sure you do or take with you.

Firstly, it is important to take your pooch out to cafés from a young age and get them used to the people and noise. They should be trained to be able to sit beside you without begging for food or walking around your chair and table, getting tangled and annoying you and the people around you. A well behaved café pooch should sit by your side the whole time without any major interruptions or hiccups.

We always take Toby for a walk before we go to a café to get him to do his business. There is nothing worse than a dog peeing or defecating outside a café while people are eating. If you don’t want to walk your pooch before you go out for some food, make sure you bring poo bags with you, just in case.

Toby eats only 1 meal a day, dinner, but if we are going out for brunch, we feed him before we leave, only a small amount so the delicious smells, especially the bacon, doesn’t excite him too much. We don’t want him staring at our food the whole time with his stalker eyes.

Most cafés around Prahran are extremely dog friendly and will allow your dog to entre their outdoor eating area. But if you are going to a new café and are unsure whether there is an outside area for you and your dog or if you aren’t sure if it is a dog friendly café, call ahead to avoid disappointment. I can never enjoy a meal if I know Toby is tied outside away from us, this has happened twice and they are the cafés I avoid going to when Toby is with us.

Most cafés have a water doggy bowl, but for those that don’t, make sure you bring your own water supply for your pooch, especially in Summer when it is easy to sit in the sun, enjoying good food and company for a lot longer. You want to make sure your pooch is hydrated and comfortable.

After brunch we always go for a walk to not only reward Toby for his good behaviour at the café but also walk off our meals. It a nice way to end a family outing and a great way to start the weekend.

Oh Melbourne, I miss you already.