January 5, 2015

Hello 2015!

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Happy New Year & Welcome to 2015!

Now that we’ve had a few days to settle into the New Year it is time to start our resolutions. For me, I have had the same resolution every year, to be happy and live the best life I can.

A lot of us try and buy happiness with material, superficial, or meaningless things such as clothes, holidays, cars, or facebook/instagram ‘likes’. While these things bring happiness for a short time, eventually with time the happiness fades and you are back at square one.

When you realise that many of these things don’t deliver true happiness, it is much easier to focus on the things that do bring true happiness. Pure happiness comes from within and how we view life.

For those of us who are looking for inspiration to obtain real happiness, look no further than your pooch.

Your furball can provide you with some valuable lessons about how to live a happy life. Here are some great qualities our pooches possess that us humans could learn from:

Be good

Be loyal, kind, reliable, love unconditionally and spread love. Toby does all of these and it makes his parents so happy.

Forgive and forget

The amount of times Andrew has stepped on Toby’s tail or paw by accident is pretty ridiculous, but the way Toby forgives Andrew is not. After the initial cry, Andrew apologises with hugs and kisses and Toby gives those hugs and kisses right back without any hesitation. People are so much happier when they don’t hold grudges and move on quickly.

Appreciate the small things

Toby’s life is full of small things that make him happy such as giving us cuddles in the morning, new smells, new people, and eating his dinner (even though he gets the same dinner every single night). All these things bring him pure joy, they cost next to nothing and are the small things that make up his daily life. Us humans should also learn to enjoy the small things, as it’s the small things that make life great.

Be active, play, and be young at heart

Dogs love playing and being active. It is never to late too start being active or viewing life with a young heart. These things are good for our mind, body and soul.

Take a nap

Our pooches know when to stop, rest, take a nap and recharge. Taking a 15 to 20 minute nap to recharge during the day is a great way to boost happiness levels.

So, this New Year, if you are looking at finding inspiration for a more happier life look no further than your pooch. They will be able to give you great examples everyday.

Dogs really are the best kind of people.

This year I am going to continue striving for daily happiness by being more like Toby. I will continue to work towards being a kind, loyal and reliable wife, friend and sister. When I feel wrong done by, I will strive to forgive and forget faster. I will endeavour to appreciate all the small things such as waking up next to my husband, my morning coffee, walks on the beach, a clean house, ‘hello’ texts from my friends, and Toby’s little face. I will continue to be active everyday and I will learn to take naps when I need to recharge and not feel guilty about it.

What about you? What are your New Years resolutions?

Whatever they are, I hope they help you bring happiness to what will hopefully be a wonderful year for us all.

Happy 2015!