January 6, 2015

28 Days Left

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Where did the time go? 28 days left and I’m not sure if I’m ready!

The whole process and what is about to happen feels so surreal.

It has felt surreal from the very beginning and I have kept saying:

‘I’m sure it will feel real when…

…I start showing.’

…I get to see the baby on the screen for the first time.’

…I find out the gender.’

…I feel his movements.’

…I see him in 3D.’

…I see his limbs sticking out of me.’

…when I’m huge.’

…when the due date approaches.’

But as all these stages pass, it doesn’t feel any more real.

Andrew and I can’t imagine how much our lives are going to change once he is here. We have been told by people that we don’t know what is about to hit us and we have seen first hand our friend’s lives change. Although we have been told and we have seen things, I don’t think we can really comprehend what’s about to happen until we have experienced it ourselves.

We are ready but we aren’t. We are extremely excited to the point of bursting but also scared.

While we have been waiting for his arrival, Andrew and I have had some funny conversations about him:

Andrew: Do you know what will be good? When you’re not pregnant anymore and we can go to the gym together again

Me: Sure, but who is going to look after the baby?

Andrew: Oh yeah!

When we were in the nursery setting up his room:

Me: Look at us, putting together baby furniture. Did you ever think we would be at this point in our lives?

Andrew: Yeah, I guess not. But here we are, there’s nothing we can do about it now

Me: We could still give him up for adoption

Andrew: I guess that’s an option

Andrew: I keep forgetting he will be born and be a crying, pooing blob. I keep thinking he will entre our lives and be this awesome kid with a great shoe collection

Me: Do you know that we won’t be able to go to the movies anymore once he is here?!

Andrew: Who cares, we never, ever go to the movies

Me: But we could if we wanted to

Andrew: Do you think he will be the first ever 1/4 German, 1/4 Persian, 1/4 Asian, 1/4 English person to be born?

Me: I’m sure there is 1 other person

Andrew: Maybe, well he would definitely be 1 of 10 in the world

Me: I guess

Me: I hope he will be exactly like Toby

Andrew: Yeah Toby, make sure you show him how to be a good boy, especially the toilet training bit, you were good at that

Me: Toby, just don’t teach him how to smell bottoms

Me: Do you think I can listen to the radio when he is here?

Andrew: Er, yes. Why not?

Me: Because some songs say inappropriate things and I don’t want to fill the air with garbage at such a young age

Andrew: It’s fine, listen to the radio

Me: I hope he gets your brains

Andrew: And your street smarts

Me: And your lips

Andrew: And your eyes

Me: And my patients and my legs

Andrew: Yes, and my torso and then he will be so tall

Me: Yes, we will give one lucky lady, one day, a tall partner and she will be able to wear the highest of heels and not be taller than him

Andrew: You know you can wear heels, I don’t care

Me: Yeah, no

Andrew: When the baby is here we should go on a date once a week

Me: That’s unrealistic, we don’t even have time to do that now and it’s just us

Every time Andrew talks to the belly, in his Darth Vader voice: Hello Baby, I am your father

We can’t wait to meet you little boy and have many more funny conversations about you. I can’t even imagine how much joy and happiness and craziness you are going to bring to our lives. We hope you are happy with the family the universe has decided to give you. The three of us are eagerly awaiting your arrival in wonder, anticipation and disbelief. But as your father says, just keep on cooking for a little while longer.

See you soon little one.