January 14, 2015

Quality Control Toby

Posted in: Dog


As we all wait for the arrival of our new family member, Toby has been road testing his little brother’s bits and pieces to ensure quality and comfort. Toby is starting to realise the new toys in the house do not belong to him. It has taken a while for him to figure it out, but he gets it now.

Toby is a lover of soft toys. Squeeky dog toys…not so much. When we first set up the nursery, Toby would come in and pull out some soft toys from his brother’s toy box and bring them down stairs. Some mornings we would find him in the nursery having a cuddle with a few of the toys. He is especially fond of Spot, maybe Toby and his Baby Brother can share him. Toby has already claimed the downstairs Play Mat and can usually be found snoozing on it after our trips to the beach.

We can’t wait to see how Toby reacts and bonds with his brother, it is going to be so adorable to watch.


^ Yes, these shoes a fairly comfortable, I think he will be happy with these.

^Even when I do this, I’m comfortable.


^Spot and I agree, this book would be suited for a baby. The content is very appropriate for little people.


^Spot says he is happy in the bassinet and the position of it lets me have easy access to him when he starts crying.


^Oh Spot, I do love you. I think it will be hard to share you with my brother.


^But I’m going to try!


^Road testing some more shoes


^These body suits are so snugly, I would be happy to wear them to bed but only if they came with a cut out for my tail.


^Yes, crib is good although I don’t know about this being trapped in bed business. How is my brother supposed to jump out when he doesn’t want to sleep anymore?


^This is a comfortable sleeping position, I’ll let my brother know about this.


^I am going to have to break the bad news to him when he gets here, this Play Mat is going to be mine. I think that’s fair because I was here first anyway.


^Spot is there anything else we need to road test?


^Nope, I think we are all good!