February 16, 2015

Thomas River’s First Week At Home

Posted in: Baby


It’s been a week since we left the hospital and not only is time flying but Thomas is getting bigger and changing every day. Andrew and I are constantly asking him to stop growing up so fast. We wish he would stay tiny for a year. So soon he will no longer be our little finger monkey. Our first week at home has been wonderful. We are lucky, so far Thomas has been an easy baby. We are loving getting to know him and we are constantly finding ourselves sitting and staring at him for what feels like minutes but ends up being hours.

Here are a few of the hundreds of photos I have been taking, he isn’t doing too much but sleeping so it is hard to catch him with his eyes open. I could watch him sleep forever.

This week my aim is to look at him less and get two posts up. One of how Toby reacted and has adjusted to Thomas coming home and Thomas’s birth story.

Also, thank you for all the lovely congratulatory messages, we loved reading them.


^Our angle baby or starfish baby. These sleeping bags are magic!


^ Little fingers and big fingers


^ Our first outing as a family, it was scary!





^ One of Andrew’s favourite things to do, get Thomas to suck on his nose


^ Being a good big brother and keeping an eye on Thomas while he sleeps


^ Best buddies, just chillin’


^ Andrew’s bookmark


^ Andrew loves him so, it makes my heart pang