February 24, 2015

Toby and Thomas

Posted in: Baby Dog


Toby and Thomas are fast becoming great friends. I can’t wait for Thomas to be old enough to annoy Toby and for them to play.

Toby is still learning not everything is about him anymore. For example, it always makes me laugh when I say ‘Good boy’ or ‘I love you’ to Thomas and Toby thinks I am talking to him. Even if Toby is asleep and Thomas will do something that elicits a ‘Good boy!’ from me, Toby will automatically wake up and look at me wondering what he did that was so great.

I have found going out as a family of 4 is much harder and more time consuming. Juggling Thomas’ happy levels outside of the home with Toby can be challenging and frustrating. It would be easier to leave Toby at home but that’s not what we want, we want him included in our outings. We are consciously making the time and effort to take him to most of our adventures. By doing this, we learn what to do and what not to do when taking baby and fur baby out and each outing is becoming easier.

Toby’s confidence around Thomas grows each day. He loves being around him and sniffing him. He tries really hard to resist giving Thomas’ face a lick. Although, I have caught him giving Thomas a few sneaky licks on the back of the head. Toby loves being around Thomas and being apart of whatever it is he is doing.

So far, we are loving this new life. Andrew and I are managing (so far!) to comfortably balance our time between Thomas, Toby, uni and work. Despite having a new human baby to love I still really enjoy the times I can hang out at the beach with just Toby. When Andrew starts uni late Toby and I grab a coffee and walk along the beach for hours. There is nothing better than watching Toby bunny hop through the ocean and chase seaweed whilst I listen to music and recharge my batteries. At the end of our walk, I want nothing more than to go home to Thomas and Andrew.




^ Taking Toby out to a pool party


^ Toby always by his brother’s side


^ Story time with these two, reading Toby’s favourite book.


^ Thomas so proud to be Toby’s brother.