March 18, 2015

Building Up Immunity

Posted in: Dog


We are loving watching Thomas and Toby interact with each other. Their bond is getting stronger as the days roll by. Toby has started to go into our room and nap with Thomas, something he never did. Before Thomas, Toby would always make sure he napped in the room where we were. Sometimes when Thomas is upset I will place him next to Toby and he will calm himself down, his arms brushing Toby’s coat. I am really excited to see their friendship develop. I really hope when Thomas is old enough to sleep in a ‘big boy’ bed, Toby will choose to sleep with him rather than us.

We are also loving the immunity Toby is providing Thomas. According to a journal article in Pediatrics, researchers say that babies who grow up in homes with a dog are less likely to get sick than children who live pet free. The results suggest that keeping infants’ environments too sanitised isn’t good for their health. Babies who grow up with dogs are less likely to suffer from common childhood allergies, infections and asthma. Early exposure to germs and dirt that come into the home thanks to your Furball can help build strong immunity.

We allow Toby and Thomas to have close contact whenever possible although we are trying to avoid Toby from licking Thomas. Toby understands he isn’t allowed to lick Thomas’ face and we think he has been able to control himself…unless he has had a few sneaky licks while we weren’t watching.

Thanks Toby for not only being a great big brother but also helping Thomas develop his health.

Good boy!