March 23, 2015

Pickle In The Middle

Posted in: Family

This little family’s favourite thing to do on the weekend is brunch. We brunched every Saturday back in Melbourne and it was always a joy. There is an abundance of high quality cafes in Melbourne that are super fun to spend your mornings in and allow your taste buds to party.

Now that we have moved to Adelaide we have been pretty disappointed with the choices avaliable to brunch. All we want is good food and amazing coffee, is that so hard 😉

Luckily for us, our friend has made it her mission to show us Adelaide’s finest, as she puts it, ‘Hopefully Melbourne standard cafes.’

We went to Pickle in the Middle yesterday and it was a cute little cafe with a small selection of breakfast food and good coffee. We left there happy and excited for where she will take us next time.

What we love about brunching with friends is that it never ends at brunch. Brunch always spills over into something else and yesterday was no exception.

For all the things I miss about Melbourne, I have to say in Adelaide we seem to be able to see our friends more and do more too.

For example, yesterday after brunch we went to a bar for some lunch time drinks, came home and I took Toby for a walk along the beach, then I dropped him off and spent the afternoon with friends and I was home just in time to give Thomas a bath and tuck him into bed. And I still had the whole evening to do whatever I wanted.

Doing all that would never be possible in Melbourne.

As I have been saying lately, Radelaide, you’re OK.


^ A family that brunches together, stays together. Oops, sorry Thomas, let’s try again…


^…there we go.


^ Can I have solids yet?



^ Would you like some milk spew with your brunch?


^ Papa and son



^ Toby, not missing out on some Sunday fun