March 31, 2015

Two Months

Posted in: Baby

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Dearest Child of Ours,

You are two months old today. It feels like you have been here much longer, I think a lack of a decent nights sleep is the reason for that!

Your mama and papa thought we loved you so much when you were born but we just fall more and more in love with you as time goes on. We wonder if this love we have for you will ever stop or whether it just keeps growing and growing until we burst?

This stage of your life is so much fun. We are getting little glimpses of your personality each day. You are smiling so much at the moment. Every time you crack a smile I tell your papa to come take a look and he isn’t too sure if you are smiling or if you are making a bowel movement. I know what your bowel movement face looks like, you’re definitely smiling.

You love our morning walks on the beach, pressed tightly against my chest in your carrier. We walk for 2 hours and as you sleep the whole way I sing the alphabet to you and count to 100 because they are the only songs I know. We walk through the ocean while your brother swims and jumps across waves. People who also walk along the beach know who you are and will say, Good Morning Thomas as they walk past.

You love the bath and splash and squirm and laugh until right at the end when I wash your face and you crack it. That’s when bath time is over. Because of this, I wait right till the end when I can see you are getting bored of the bath to wash your face.

Your papa is so in love with you. He likes to hold you in his arms and dance around the house to music. He tells you he is going to introduce you to the best music when you are older and he hopes that you will have similar taste to him. But he says it’s OK if you don’t.

While he is studying and you are in his arms, he explains how the human body works, he tells you all about diarrhea and why people get it and about the female reproduction system. He likes to revise on you. He tells you that when you are older he will teach you the most effective way to study.

Thomas River, I can’t wait to see what you bring into our lives in the next month. You are so magical, we love you so.

Happy Two Months.