April 7, 2015


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As some of you may know, last week I wrote a story that was hard to write.

And the response from it has been incredibly overwhelming.

Team Toby Wigglebottom’s (Toby, Andrew and our friend Ricky) goal was to raise $5,000 by November for cancer research in the hope that one day we all live in a cancer free world.

A week after asking people for help, the Wigglebottom team is at $12,288.88.

That’s nuts! And so awesome.

In November, Team Toby Wigglebottom will drive through outback Australia in a mystery car and the challenge is to get from A to B in 5 days in a dump of a car without breaking down. It’s all a bit of fun (if you’re into that 😉 ) in order to raise some serious and much needed money.

Ricky can’t believe how successful they have been and contacted the organisers of the Mystery Car Rally and asked what the record amount of money raised has been so far. The answer to that question is, a little over $24,000.

That’s a lot of money but I think we can beat it. We are definitely going to try.

I think we can do $25,000. It’s a big ask but people are awesome.

We still have 7.5 months to raise $13,000.

We raised over $12,000 in a week so surely it’s doable.

To every person who has donated so far and/or shared this story, we can not thank you enough. This cause is something Team Wigglebottom is so passionate about.

Some people have apologised for donating a small amount. There is no such thing as a small amount because if you put all those small amounts together, we can overwhelm the world.

You can donate here.

Thank you so much!


^ Team Toby Wigglebottom


^ The drivers, Ricky and Andrew