April 7, 2015

How To Choose A Dog

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When we decided to bring a dog into our home, we weren’t sure which breed we wanted. We had requirements but didn’t know if there was a breed that matched them. We wanted an intelligent dog, one that didn’t shed hair, was easy to train and would suit apartment living. We researched different types of breeds and came across Cavoodles. We had no clue what kind of dog they were. Turns out Cavoodles are our kind of dog.

When choosing a new furry family member, don’t rush into it, do your research and take these factors into consideration. Remember, dogs are family members for life.



Your dogs temperament should match yours. If you like to chill out after work and weekends, don’t choose a breed that is highly energetic and needs lots of exercise. If you love being out and about, and want a dog who is always ready for a play, consider a dog that is highly active with a lot of energy to burn.



You don’t actually need to live in a big house to own a big dog. A cell is a cell, regardless of size. What dogs need is exercise outside of the home, all dogs need this. Just the amount of exercise differs depending on the size of the dog. Large dogs need more exercise than smaller dogs so ensure the dog you choose matches your desire for exercise.

The size of your dog will also determine how much money it will cost to keep them healthy. Large dogs eat more than smaller dogs and their tick and flea preventatives cost more too.

If you are someone like Andrew and hate picking up poo, don’t get a large dog. The bigger ones eat more than the little ones and what goes in must come out!



Some people don’t have time for a dog. Their lives are too busy and forfilling a dog’s needs isn’t possible. All dogs need attention and exercise from their owners and this can only be done if you have the time.

Do you have children?


If you are bringing a puppy into your family and you have children, most of the time, that dog will grow up to get along well with them. However, some dogs are naturally more dominant or more aggressive and this can become an issue when there are children around. Choosing dogs that are great with children is so important. Know your breeds and avoid dogs that are very dominant and have short tempers.



Dogs with long coats need to have regular clippings, dogs with short coats don’t. Most dogs shed a lot of hair which means your home and clothes will be covered in it. Some people can get frustrated with the constant vacuuming. Choosing a low shedding dog or a dog that doesn’t shed (like Toby) can be a good option for those who are looking for a dog that is low maintenance when it comes to hair.



Generally, all dogs can be trained to learn most basic commands. Some breeds just do this better and faster than other breeds. Depending on your personality type, it may be wise to investigate breeds that can be trained more quickly if you are impatient or get frustrated easily.



Pretty much all dogs serve some form of protection. Many small dog breeds act as watch dogs so they will bark when someone is at the front door, to warn you a stranger is there. The bigger more intimidating breeds act as guard dogs and can protect their family.