April 21, 2015

Thomas Goes Flying

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Last week we flew to Melbourne, it was a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ kind of trip. It was Thomas’ first time on an airplane. We flew to Melbourne because we wanted to see if I could catch a plane on my own with Thomas in the future to spend some time with family and friends throughout the year while Andrew is at uni.

A flight from Adelaide to Melbourne is only an hour so I wasn’t too worried about how Thomas would behave. If he was good, excellent! If he screamed the whole way, not excellent but it’s only an hour of pain for everyone to endure. Luckily for us he was perfect. This gave me the confidence to travel to Melbourne on my own next time.

We decided to book flights that were during Thomas’ sleeping time, with the idea that Thomas would sleep for the whole flight. That didn’t work!

We left for Adelaide Airport at 9pm. I took Thomas out of his bassinett and put him in the car and he was asleep until we got to the airport. As soon as we entered the terminal the bright lights and sounds woke him up. He seemed mesmerised by everything around him.

We got to the airport super early because we weren’t sure how long it would take to check the pram and car seat in, get organised and get to the gate. I’d purchased extra luggage allowance for Thomas’ stuff but at the Check In I found out that all airlines allow you to check in prams, car seats and high chairs at no extra cost. Oh well, we know for next time now.

Since we were there early, we tried to walk Thomas back to sleep in his carrier. We walked up and down the entire airport several times but he just wouldn’t shut his eyes.

When it came time to board, we got settled into our seats and I put Thomas in his Love To Dream Swaddle. During take off I nursed Thomas to help regulate the pressure in his ears. Once we were in the air, Thomas was bright eyed all the way. It was only when I nursed him again during landing did he finally fall asleep. But he woke up when we left the plane.

The same thing happened on the way home. We caught a 6am flight in the hope that Thomas would sleep, but he didn’t. However, he never once cried so I can’t complain.

Taking the pram with us to Melbourne was a waste of time and effort, we didn’t use it even once. We definitely aren’t pram people. We find it so much easier to just carry him around town in carriers.

Because we were only in Melbourne for a short time, we didn’t get to see many people and I’m looking forward to taking Thomas back there soon to show him off.

I have been missing Melbourne but going there I realised that maybe I don’t miss it as much as I thought I did. For where we are in our lives at the moment, living the uni life, Adelaide allows us to have a great life without too much sacrifice.

I have made a promise to myself to stop comparing everything in Adelaide to Melbourne and just enjoy the great things it has to offer such as our wonderful friends, great weather, the beach, cheap housing and ….. that’s about it really ;).

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^ All this stuff for a tiny little person!


^ Hey everyone! Just letting you all know there is a baby on the plane.


^ Thomas, that doesn’t look like your sleeping face.


^ It was only once we were on the plane that I realised Thomas’ PJs and my dress match. Awkward.