April 22, 2015

DIY Dog Toy

Posted in: Dog

Here is a super quick, easy and cheap dog toy that you can whip up in minutes and keep your pooch entertained for a while. Warning, this toy makes a mess!


^ What you will need. Any kind of box, your pooches’ favourite treat (in Toby’s case it’s cheese) and some tape.


^ Throw the treat into the empty box.


^ Do I smell cheese?


^ Tape up the top and bottom so the treats can’t fall out. If you have a dog that can shred through things in a flash, tape a lot of the box up so they need to get through the tape before they reach the box.


^ I just have to hold the tape in place while mum goes and finds the scissors.


^ And that’s it, the toy is ready to go!


^ Hmm, how am going to go about taking the treats out of the box?


^ It only took me half an hour, but I got there! Yummo, cheese!


^ Can we play again?