April 23, 2015

FAQ – Do You Bath Toby Everyday?

Posted in: Dog


Those who follow Toby Wigglebottom on Instagram know that he can be found at the beach every morning.

Since moving to Adelaide 4 months ago, starting our day at the beach has become our ritual. Toby and I are the most happiest there, we can walk for hours and we come home with so much energy and ready to face the day.

If you were to watch Toby on the beach you would see him run a million miles an hour up and down the shore, roll around in smelly seaweed or worse, dead fish. You would see him digging around in puddles of water and when I throw rocks into the sea, he chases them. You would then see him spend way too long in the water trying to dunk his head into the salty sea, trying his best to retrieve the rock.

As you can imagine at the end of our 2 hour beach date, Toby is no longer dog, he is just sand. And as you can also imagine, our home is full of it. There is sand everywhere. Andrew always says as we leave the house, ‘Toby, don’t forget to bring back the beach,’ and Toby never, ever forgets.

Now, a question I get asked a lot is: Do you wash Toby every day after the beach?

And the short answer is NO! and the long answer is NO WAY!

There is no way I have time to give him a bath everyday. Firstly, it’s not good for dogs to be bathed too often and secondly, I can not be bothered to do that on a daily basis.

So, we just accept the fact that sand is now part of our lives.

Toby is no longer allowed to sit in the front of the car, rather in the car boot so we can contain the sand. Vacuuming no longer consists of just the floor but also the furniture. If we walk bare foot through our home, our soles are covered in sand. Before we hop into bed we have to sweep all the sand off the bed.

The way I see it, I have three options.

I could go to the beach and wash Toby each day, which isn’t going to happen.

I could not go to the beach and just walk him around our neighbourhood or the dog park, which isn’t going to happen.

Or, I could just go to the beach and not wash Toby. This option is clearly the best for me and Toby would strongly agree.

Toby still gets his shower once a week, just like he did when we were in Melbourne. But really, there is no point because the very next morning, we’re back at the beach!