April 28, 2015

3 Months

Posted in: Baby


Dearest Child of Ours,

See that photo of you, above? That was taken this morning at 8.31am and exactly 3 months ago at 8.31am, you were born. When you were born, you were so small! Your father and I wanted you to stay teeny tiny forever. We were so mesmerised by you, we couldn’t believe that this tiny, gorgeous thing was a person. You grew and grew each day and we were sad. Sad that you were already growing up so quickly. We just wanted to bask in your smallness for a bit longer.

The other day, Papa and I were talking about you, as we always do, and we agreed we actually don’t miss the small you anymore. We are absolutely loving watching you grow and develop and turn into an actual real, functioning person. You are making so many sounds and it seems you are trying to copy what we say. One day when you’re older, we will show you this YouTube clip of a Husky saying, ‘I love you,’ to his owners. It’s very cute. Anyway, your father says I love you in the same way as that Husky and we swear you say it back, you almost have the same howl as Papa.

We can’t imagine you having a talking voice and we think about how it’s going to sound and what your first word will be. We think it’s going to either be Mama, Papa, Toby or the whole alphabet since I sing that to you all the time.

Thomas, thank you for giving us another month of pure happiness and delight. Thank you for helping us continue to put everything into perspective and allow us to realise what is truly important in this life. Thank you for being such a social butterfly and being perfect outside of the house. We really appreciate that you let us continue to have a social life. Thank you for not waking up million times throughout the night anymore, your Mama really loves you for that.

Thomas River, you are one glorious human being. We still can’t believe you are our child. We can’t believe we have a son! All of this is so surreal, still.

We love you, darling.

Happy 3 months, Earthling.