May 5, 2015

The Evolution Of TobyWigglebottom

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I never planned on having a blog, let alone a blog about a dog.

All of this came about when Toby came into our lives 3 years ago. Toby was so cute as a puppy and I couldn’t stop taking photos of him. I started taking photos and posting them on my personal Instagram account but found myself posting too many and I didn’t want to clog my account with Toby. I solved that problem by creating an account for Toby. I handed him the phone and said, ‘There you go, go take a million selfies and post them.’

Believe it or not but Toby doesn’t actually tie his hair back with a headband, make himself a cup of tea, plonk himself down on the sofa and say, ‘Mum, can you take a photo of me.’ It’s actually me doing those things to him (yeah, I know, sorry to ruin it for you 😉 ) and sometimes I wonder, is this really what a 30 something should be doing?

When my friends and family found out I had an Instagram account for Toby, they all thought I had lost my mind…and so did I. But then something cool happened. People started leaving comments about how Toby’s face made them smile on a daily basis. People would leave messages saying, ‘I’ve had a bad day today, but this photo of Toby made me smile,’ ‘Thank you for sharing Toby with the world,’ ‘Every day I look forward to your posts,’ and so forth.

I also got emails from people around the world saying all sorts of lovely things, letting me know how much they love Toby. Once I got an email from a girl in the UK. She told me her mum had Alzheimer and nothing would make her smile. She would go visit her in a nursing home and show her mum photos of Toby on Instagram and it would make her smile. In the email she said, ‘We may not be able to make mum smile anymore but thank you for letting Toby do that and me getting to see her smile.’ I mean, wow!

You know, I may not be changing the world with this silly nonsense but it brings some people a slither of happiness and that is enough for me to justify what I do on a daily basis.

With all this great feedback from Toby’s Instagram account I thought, how can I give people more Toby without clogging their personal feeds? Welcome the TobyWigglebottom Blog.

This place has been a lot of fun. It has allowed me to share my love for Toby with a bigger audience and allowed Toby’s fans to get to know him a bit better. I have met some great people through this blog, online friends and real life friends. This blog has been a great hobby, and has opened up many opportunities for me.

I have absolutely loved watching this place grow. It started off with a few readers a day to hundreds a day and now, thousands. And the direction and content of the blog has also changed from the first day it launched. The plan at the beginning was to share Toby as well as other dog ‘stuff.’ But from the feedback through surveys, hits, likes and shares, Toby and our family is what most people are most interested in. And that’s totally fine with me. My love and passion lies with my family. Toby, Thomas and Andrew are my true happiness and I am more than OK to share them with the world and talk about them.

So rather than this being a ‘Dog Blog’ it is slowly turning more into a lifestyle blog. A blog about a family. A blog about life, about a girl named Helena and a boy named Andrew. It’s about a mother and a father, two children, one fury and one not. A blog about dreams and passions, about happiness and finding a balance in life. A blog about the love, happiness and teachings furry four legged friends can provide us in this crazy place we are all in.

Because TobyWigglebottom is growing, we have decided to make some changes around here and give this blog a facelift and make it more user friendly. I am really excited about it. A few months ago, my friends and I were out for lunch and we threw the, ‘What’s your goal in life?’ question around the table. It came to me and I answered, ‘It’s totally lame and an eye rolling answer but just to be happy.’ My friend answered with a, ‘Yeah, but that’s what everyone wants. Besides that, what’s your goal?’ in which I replied, ‘Honestly, that is my number one goal. But if I had to choose another one? Make a living off my blog.’

So here we are, I’m going to give it a red hot go. If Andrew has taught me anything, it’s to follow your heart and give whatever it tells you a go because you only live once. You only have one shot to achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations. I don’t want to look back in 10 years time and think, I wish I put some energy into the Blog, I wonder where it could have taken me.

To all those readers who have been here from the very beginning, thank you so much. For those who keep coming back, thank you, thank you, thank you. For those who are new, thank you for taking a look and I hope you stay. I sincerely appreciate all your support.

A new TobyWigglebottom look is coming soon.