May 13, 2015

All Kids Need A Furry Sibling

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I grew up with dogs but not in the way that Thomas will grow up with Toby. In our household a dog was a dog in the traditional sense, someone who lived outside and guarded the house. I never felt any attachment to them the way I do with Toby. And that’s because they were never given the chance to bond with our family inside the house. The way Toby is treated makes me think what a sad life our dogs had. I feel so guilty.

Toby is so lucky that he belongs to a family that considers his needs on a daily basis. He is 100% a family member, he is our son and he is Thomas’s brother. And we are so lucky that we have him because he has changed our lives in so many ways and all for the better.

Thomas needs Toby in his life for a whole lot of reasons. Toby is not only going to be a wonderful big brother but also a best friend and teacher to Thomas.

Here are some reasons why all kids need these wonderful four legged souls in their lives.

1. Less sickness

So many studies have been conducted and they have all shown the same results, dogs cause more exposure to germs which then increases babies’ immune systems to prevent sickness. Scientists have found that kids who grow up around dogs are 50% less likely to develop allergies and asthma than those who grow up without a dog.

2. More Exercise

Thomas can’t walk yet but he is already out of the house for 2 hours a day walking (well, being carried) along the beach because of Toby’s needs. Because dogs need physical activity every day, it promotes a healthy lifestyle for your children. Taking your kids out to walk your dog leads to healthier kids who are used to a more active lifestyle.

3. Bonding

When Thomas gets a brother or sister, Toby will help them bond and grow closer together through their common love for Toby. Thomas and his sibling will share responsibilities for looking after Toby, playing with him and showering him with love and this will allow them to bond.

4. A Loving Companion

A dog is always happy at home with its family, their love for their family is unconditional and so pure. Dogs are the perfect companion and friend for kids, someone who is always there, always in the same mood, predictable and a playmate for life.

5. Encourage Naturing

Dogs are a great opportunity to foster a naturing attitude within kids. Thomas will have so many opportunities to show love, support, comfort and care for Toby. All qualities a good man should have!

6. Provide Comfort

Even now, Toby will go up to Thomas when he is on his Play Mat and rest his head on his belly. When Thomas is sitting on the coach, Toby will sit next to him. Thomas will watch Toby play in fascination and always crack a smile when he sees him. I love the fact that they both provide comfort for each other and it warms my heart to know that whatever Thomas goes through in his young life, Toby will be there for him. During the happy times and the sad.