May 25, 2015

4 Months

Posted in: Baby


Dear Thomas.

Happy 4 months Baby Boy. Your mother has asked me to write to you this month so you can read it when you are older. She wants us to try write you a letter every month while you are little, telling you what you have been up to. I think it’s a kinda neat idea, I hope you do to.

Even though you can’t understand me right now, and our conversations are pretty one sided, I still love having chit chats with you. I love trying to find new ways of making you smile and laugh. I especially love smiling at you when you are in your cot when you are supposed to be asleep. You always give be a big giggly smile as if to say, ‘Don’t tell mum but I’m not asleep! LOL!’.

Apparently you will start talking soon. That’s going to be so weird. I can’t imagine you speaking. At the moment I am trying to teach you to say, ‘Mama.’ You’re not very good at repeating it. Most of the time you just laugh at me, and sometimes you say, ‘Goo’ or, ‘Oooh.’ That’s ok though, I still like trying to teach you. One day you are going to surprise the hell out of me by saying it back.

You are my favourite little buddy. But don’t tell Toby that, he will get very jealous.

I love being your dad. I am very proud to be your father. My biggest hope is that one day, you’ll be proud to be my son.

I love you Thomas River, to the moon and back.

Happy 4 Months.

Love Daddy