May 31, 2015

Our Mornings

Posted in: Family


For the last 3 years Toby and I have walked every day for over 2 hours. Back in Melbourne it was an hour in the morning and over an hour in the evening. Now, Toby and I walk 2 hours every morning along the beach. This works out perfectly because Thomas’ first nap is 2 hours long and he tags along with us and sleeps in the carrier.

For the last I don’t know how many years, I have asked Andrew to come join us on our walks. He will gladly come if we can run, but walking? No, thanks. However, things have changed since Andrew recently finished a stint in the hospital following nurses around and observing what they do. Andrew came away from that experience not only having huge respect for the work nurses do but also a determination not to end up old and frail. So now he is committed to getting more regular exercise.

Now that Andrew has decided to be more active he is joining us on our walks and we love it. Not that we speak while walking. Andrew listens to lectures the entire time. But just having him there makes our walks even more enjoyable.

The weather here in Adelaide hasn’t been too crash hot lately, but it was really nice the other day and we took the camera along to take photos of Toby and Thomas’ first experience with the ocean, which we woke him up for! He didn’t seem to mind.

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