August 3, 2015

Flying Overseas With An Infant

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Last year when I was pregnant, my brother-in-law told us he was going to get married in Spain. I was super excited but also incredibly worried about how we would go travelling by plane for 24 hours with a 5 month old.

During one of my visits to my obstetrician, I asked him if it’s possible to travel with an infant for such a long period. He replied with, ‘Possible? Yes. Would I do it? No way!’ When asked to explain he said, ‘Changing nappies in a cramped area, stop overs, crying baby, trapped for 24 hours. I just wouldn’t do it.’

In the end flying with Thomas was a breeze and I would do it over and over again.

Here are some tips that worked for us flying to Europe:

Pack Lightly


I only took a small backpack (above) with me on the plane which had all of Thomas’ needs for the duration of the flight. The contents included:

– 10 nappies

I only ended up using 4 nappies throughout the flight from Australia to Berlin but brought enough just in case. You don’t ever want to be stuck in the air without an adequate supply.

– Baby wipes 

You can purchase baby wipes in a travel pack which doesn’t take up too much room in your bag but comes with enough wipes to last a long flight.

– 2 spare pjs 

– 2 body suits

– 2 sleeping bag

Spare clothes and spare sleeping bags are essential for accidents that are most likely to happen. Thomas demonstrated this nicely, making a mess of his clothes and sleeping bag.

– 1 change mat

There isn’t a lot of room in those toilets but there is a change table that folds down over the toilet. By having our own change mat, it gave Thomas a bit more protection when he was on the change table and also prevented any mess if an accident happened while he was being changed.

– Toys that made little noise 

We took Leo the dinosaur and Thomas’ favourite rattle that he likes to suck on. We didn’t take any loud toys as we didn’t want to disturb fellow passengers.

Request a Bassinet 


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When booking flights, if you have an infant under 10 kilos request a bassinet. Not only will the flight be more comfortable for you and Bubs but you also get extra leg room as you will be in a larger seating area. Check with your airline if you need to check in early to secure your bassinet. Some airlines have a first come, first serve policy regardless of requesting when booking.

Book Night Flights

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We booked a flight with Emirates which left at 10pm at night. This was perfect for Thomas as it meant that he slept as soon as we took off and stayed asleep for the longest leg of the flight. He slept for 12 of the 14 hour flight to Dubai. When we arrived in Dubai, we had an hour and a half stop over before catching a 6 hour flight to Berlin. During that leg, we implemented Thomas’ day time routine where he would be up for 1.5 hours and then asleep for 2 hours.

Dress Accordingly

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Thomas stayed in his pjs the whole trip. The Bonds Wondersuits are amazing and made it easy to change him without too much fuss in the air. And most importantly, they allowed Thomas to be nice and comfortable.

Take A Baby Carrier

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We took 2 carries, the Yoli & Otis (above) and the Ergo. We packed the Ergo in our check-in-luggage and only took the Yoli on the plane as it’s much easier to take Thomas in and out of. When you go through security, they make you take your baby out of whatever carrier they are in and you need to put the carrier through the x-ray machine. By having Thomas in the Yoli, this wasn’t a problem.



During our flight from Berlin to Barcelona, Thomas decided he was bored of his toys and was getting agitated. We had to use things such as empty water bottles and movies on Andrew’s laptop to keep him entertained.

Ask For Help

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Flight attendants love babies, well that’s what it seemed like. We had flight attendants coming up to us asking if we wanted a break or offered to take Thomas for a walk, up and down the plane. All flight attendants on all planes were very vocal about making sure we asked for help with anything at any time.

And remember, no matter how bad it gets, it’s not a forever situation, the plane will eventually land and the ordeal will be over. And that’s when the fun starts, holiday time!

Happy Flying!