August 17, 2015

Exam Time

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This morning…

Randy the Racoon (aka Andrew): OK sons, did you know there are 650 muscles in the body and your father knows the name of all of them.

Andrew: I do, it’s true Randy. Want me to go through them all for the kids?

Randy the Racoon: That’s exactly what I want you to do. School them…

Andrew: Sons, lets start from the top, your face. Your face has…..

Andrew’s exams start today and go over 3 days. The end of these exams will mark the end of learning at uni. No more lectures or tutorials. After these exams, Andrew will do the rest of his learning in hospitals for the next 2 and a bit years. That’s when his medical degree will be completed and his internship will commence.

This uni thing is going by pretty quickly. At the beginning, 10 years seemed like a lifetime but we are almost 2 years into it and those 2 years have gone by at lightening speed.

As I type this, Andrew is sitting his 1st of 3 exams. His last exam is on Wednesday and then we get him all to ourselves for 1.5 weeks before uni starts again. There are so many things we have planned to do around the house and hopefully we can get them all completed.

The thing Toby, Thomas and I are looking forward to the most though is having Andrew’s full attention for 1.5 weeks minus all the text books!