August 18, 2015

Together Half Our Lives

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Today, August the 18th 2015, marks Andrew and I being together for exactly half our lives. We are both pretty chuffed over this milestone. For me, our relationship is my greatest accomplishment thus far. You may think, but what about Thomas? I don’t feel like I did too much, I just let the Universe do its thing and it gave me a beautiful baby boy. I will have to wait and see what kind of person Thomas grows up to be. And if he is a happy and kind person, well then that will be my greatest accomplishment.

So for now, ‘us’ is what I am most proud of.

And Andrew agrees. When I asked him why he thinks we work he said, ‘Because I’m hilarious and no one else would put up with you.’ When asked to be serious for a second he said, ‘Because we respect each other, we laugh together all the time, we are still in love with each other and we let this be known on a daily basis. We like each other, a lot.’

After 15 and a half years, I’m still crazy about Andrew and in the good way. We have grown up together and he has taught me more about life than anyone else I know. He is my favourite person and the one I get excited to see every morning as I wake up. I am extremely proud to call him my husband and so happy for Thomas and Toby to have such a wonderful father, I feel they lucked out the most.

We always said that when this day comes, being together half our lives, we will have a big party to celebrate this great occasion. But that idea is going into the ‘Too Hard’ basket and instead we are going to put Thomas to bed, order take away, enjoy some wine and chit chat about the past with Toby in our arms, feeling grateful and thankful for this life we have.

Thank you Universe for making our worlds collide in a train station car park one night 15 and a half years ago.

From this day forward we will have spent more of our lives together than not. I like that.

I love you Andrew.

Happy Half Our Lives Together x

First Photo 2

^ Our first photo taken on the 11th of Feb 2000

(age 16, 7 days before Andrew asked me out!)