September 3, 2015

7 Months

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To My Brother,

It’s my turn to write to you on your monthly birthday anniversary. I would like to start off by telling you the truth. I didn’t really like you when I first met you but every day I like you more and more and I can honestly now say, I love you. You have been here for 7 months and I can see that having you around is actually better than not having you in my life.

I will list the reasons why I like having you around:

  • Our daily walks last for 2 hours in the morning because that’s how long you have to sleep for and if mum stops walking, you wake up.
  • Because of you, mum has to stay home and not go to work. This is really great because now I’m never alone at home during the day.
  • You are such a messy eater and a lot of your food falls off the highchair onto the ground. At the moment I’m not licking up anything you’re eating because it’s all gross. However, as soon as you start eating things I like, like cheese, I’ll be more than happy to clean up your mess.
  • Thanks to you and you’re inabilities to do anything by yourself, you take up a lot of mum’s time and therefore she sometimes forgets my weekly shower. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • You are still getting up once a night and this is great because I can get let out to go to the toilet. Before you came along, mum and dad made me hold on till the morning.
  • You love having mum and dad read you books and this works out well for me because I can snuggle next to you all and fall asleep knowing you won’t move anytime soon, so I get a decent nap.

I guess I should tell you what you have been up to this month. You got your first 2 teeth and mum’s heart hurt because it was a big sign you’re growing up and it’s all happening too quickly for her. You’re starting to show signs that you are as excited as me when I hear dad come home. When I hear him unlock the front door my tail wags so hard. I eagerly wait in anticipation to run up and say hello and ‘I’ve missed you!’ When you hear dad’s voice speaking to me, you smile from ear to ear and kick your legs. Dad says I smile with my tail and you smile with your feet. You’re always kicking your feet when you’re happy. Oh, and for your information, dad still greets me first before greeting you. He always says, ‘I need to say hello to the most important son first.’

I really like that you’re starting to recognise me and smile when I come and sit next to you. You like banging and grabbing me and it’s very annoying but you’re my baby brother and mum says that’s what their job is, to be annoying. I have been told that when you can start walking and talking, we are going to be best friends and get into all sorts of mischief. I can’t wait for that. You showed me a glimps of our future together the other day when we were on the beach and you played with sand for the first time. I told you to dig the beach for bones and you did such a good job. Mum laughed at the concentration and determination on your face, you buried yourself good in sand, it was really messy. I liked seeing that side of you it made me realise that we are going to have so much fun together very shortly.

Thomas, I am another member of the family that loves you dearly. I know I can’t ever tell you this but I hope you can feel it.

Happy 7 months.