September 14, 2015

The Beach

Posted in: Family


I am so excited for Summer, only 1 more season to go before we can bask in all its glory! We keep going to the beach in our winter gear and it just doesn’t feel right. This place is so magical and inspiring in the Summer time, not so much right now.

I know Toby can’t wait for swims in the ocean. At the moment he always dabbles in the water before realising getting wet when it’s cold isn’t the best idea. Thomas is at that stage where he can sit up long enough and do things like play with sand, people watch and look at birds. I can’t wait to get him into his swimmers and play in the cool waves on a hot Summer’s day.

I think Toby and Thomas are going to have a great Summer, less than 3 months to go!


^ I call this look ‘The Sandy Mo’


^ What do you think, mum?


^ I have to say, playing fetch with Toby isn’t much fun. He’ll drop the ball and sit next to it, wait for me to come get it and as soon as I’m close enough to reach it, he puts the ball in his mouth and runs away. Can you stop doing that, Toby?


^ Toby taking a minute to be by himself and ponder about cheese.



^ Toby showing off his impressive ball and running skills.



^ Toby admiring new friends.


^ My favourite beach buddies.