September 22, 2015

Mixing It Up

Posted in: Dog

I’ve noticed Toby is getting bored of our walks along the beach each day. He isn’t getting out of the car as excitedly as he used to and his tail is more horizontal than straight up throughout the walk. Because of this, we have started to mix things up a bit around here. We’ve searched out some new routes we can do that will bring new sights and smells into Toby’s life and bring that tail back in the air.

If you have a feeling your pooch is bored of the same old route you’re taking them on for their daily walk, here is some food for thought on how to spice up your dog’s walks.

Take a new route


This one can be as simple as going down different streets around your neighbourhood or reversing your routine by starting off in the direction you normally finish. At the moment, Toby and I cycle through 3 different routes, the beach, around our neighbourhood and a walk into the city.

Walk with friends


Organising to walk with a friend is a good way to force yourself to travel down a different path. Not only is it a good way to catch up with your friend but the talking you both do will be stimulation for your dog’s ears.

Tag Team


See if a friend or family member wants to take turns walking the dogs. Not only will your pooch love the company of another canine, it will also mix up your dog’s walking route and give you a break from daily walking duties.

Play with them  


If your walking route is in an off leash area bring a ball and play soccer with your pooch, throw the ball for them, chase them and let them chase you.

Make a pit stop


Walk to a destination or combine a pit stop into your walk. The destination or pit stop could be your friend’s house, the post office, cafe or an errand. When we walk around our neighbourhood or walk to the city there is always a pit stop scheduled in or an errand that needs to be completed.

Train your dog


Mix things up by training your dog on your walks. This is a great time to brush up on some basic training so bring your treats and provide your pooch with some mental stimulation. Recently, Toby has started to pull on the lead and when we take routes that require him to be on lead, we practice walking side by side.

Private Pet Service


There are plenty of companies and private dog walkers who offer to come to your house and take your dog for a walk. It isn’t too hard to find someone who will give personalised attention which is customised to suit your pooch’s needs.

What about you? Have you noticed your pooch getting bored with their walks? How have you combated this issue?