October 4, 2015

8 Months

Posted in: Baby

mama and thomas at the beach

Dear Sweet, Sweet Child of Ours,

Another month has gone by and you’re now 8 months old. Before you I never understood why parents got emotional when their baby was approaching 1, but I get it now. It’s emotional for me because you getting older is a clear indication time is passing by so quickly, it’s a sign things are changing, that this baby bubble we’re all in is going to burst. I’m constantly saying, ‘I can’t wait till you’re old enough so we can do this and that’ but then in the same breath I ask you to stop growing and stay my baby for longer.

You have had a great month, little one. You are rolling from your back to your tummy like a champion. If there was a competition for the fastest back to tummy roller, you would win, easily. You’re having problems rolling the other way though and that annoys both you and me. It annoys you because you just want to roll the other way already and you can’t. It annoys me because at night when you roll onto your belly and then can’t roll back, you cry and cry and cry for help, usually around 3am. This month you finally started to sleep through the night and we were all getting the best sleep. But now that we have encountered this rolling issue, we’re back at square one. It doesn’t matter though as we have been practicing rolling from your belly to your back and I’m sure you’re almost there.

You have started to say your first words, although we aren’t sure if we can claim them as your first words. They may just be random sounds you’re excellent at making. You say ‘Dada’ and ‘Yeah’ all day long. Your papa is incredibly chuffed and baffled you’re saying Dada. He is confused because your father practices saying ‘Mama’ with you every day. When he changes you or baths you he will say ‘Mama’ over and over again. He wants that to be your first word because he feels I deserve it. We never say Dada nor do we call your father Dada. So who knows where you got that from, hence why we’re wondering if we should claim Dada as being your first word. I love it when I’m talking to you and you say, ‘Yeah!’ like you totally understand what I’m jabbering on about. It makes me so excited for the future where we can have cute chats together and I can get lost in your thoughts on how you see the world.

I love, love, love reading with you, it’s my favourite thing to do. Sometimes we’ll be lying on the floor on our backs, side by side and I’ll hold a book high above us and read. I’ll be reading and turn my head towards you to see if you’re paying attention and you’ll already be looking at me with the biggest smile on your face. I’ll look at you and laugh and you’ll laugh back. In those moments I think, how are you real? You seem too magical to be real.

Can I just say, Thomas, you are the happiest human I have ever met. You are always cracking smiles, day and night at us and everyone you see, and it’s my favourite thing about you. My biggest, biggest hope and wish is that for as long as you live, the world doesn’t take that happiness away from you.

Thomas River, we love you more than you’ll ever know. One day when you have kids, you will love them like nothing else and that’s when you’ll understand the love we have for you.

Happy 8 Months, baby boy.