October 8, 2015


Posted in: Family


For as long as I can remember I have been afraid to step into my thirties. For me it’s a scary place because mum was first diagnosed with cancer at the age of 37. As each year passes and I take a step closer to that age, I can’t help but think more and more about her and how everything went downhill after 37.

You know, growing old is the biggest privilege there is. Not everyone is lucky enough to experience it. We all complain about getting older, you hit a certain age and it’s no longer fun to celebrate your birthday. But visit a cancer ward and everyone there would be hoping for the privilege to just grow old. And there is something to learn from that. Embrace the ageing process because we are the lucky ones.

This is a pretty bleak birthday post and has a different tone to the one I posted last year but that’s what I have been thinking about today. Growing another year older and being so thankful that right now in this moment everything is OK. It’s actually more than OK, it’s perfect.

As Andrew was making me breakfast in bed, I watched both my boys slowly surrender to sleep yet again (we just woke up, guys!) and I thought how wonderful life looks like at the age of 32. They say you should never tell people your birthday wish because then it won’t come true. But I never got that double story treehouse I wished for every year as a child, so it clearly doesn’t work! So here’s my wish this year, to grow another year older with my beautiful family.

HB to all those celebrating today!