October 11, 2015

Love Where You Live

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beach 2015

It’s coming up to a year since Toby and I moved from Melbourne to Adelaide to join Andrew. It wasn’t a particularly difficult move because I had two colossal things to look forward to. Finally living with Andrew again after a year apart and the birth of our son. Once all the excitement of both these events settled down a bit, I found myself thinking, ‘Oh wow! I actually live here now. I don’t really want to and I miss Melbourne.’ These thoughts would pop into my head every day and it didn’t help that I compared absolutely everything to Melbourne. Melbourne is so cool, it has such a strong, vibrant identity and then Adelaide, well, it’s Adelaide.

I made Andrew promise me he’ll do everything in his power to get a transfer back to Melbourne to do his internship once he completes his medical degree. He promised and even with the hope and possibility of moving back I still found myself hating on Adelaide on a daily basis.

One morning, as Toby and I were walking along the beach, I had had enough of the constant complaining in my head, it wasn’t making anything better nor was it going to get me back to Melbourne any faster. So on that walk I starting focusing on what Adelaide has to offer and soon relaised, Adelaide is actually giving us all the things that are important in life. Not stuck in traffic for most of the day and not having to travel long distances to get to places means we have so much more time. More time to be together as a family, more time to be with our friends, more time to do multiple things in one day. House prices are so much cheaper in Adelaide, we don’t need to work as hard to pay off our house. All of these things equate to less stress, more happiness, more real living.

Andrew and I chit chat about our happiness levels all the time and we both agree, although we are away from our family and friends back home and there is less to do here, we are actually happier because life seems easier. The hustle and bustle of Melbourne is fun and it made me feel like I was apart of something big when in reality I was just running really fast on the treadmill that is life but not really living it the way we are here.

These days, when we talk about our future it’s here. Whether it’s forever or for a long time, we don’t know, but Adelaide is providing us with the important things in life. So for now, I’ll hang up my comparison boots because as they say, comparison is the biggest thief of joy.

beach 2015 23^ I can’t wait to watch you grow up by the ocean, little one.

beach 2015 18 ^ I feel Toby enjoys the beach much more when his dad comes along because…beach soccer!

beach 2015 15 ^ Excuse me, don’t even think about it! That’s my ball!

beach 2015 16^ Phew, that was a close call.

beach 2015 13 ^ Hashtag summer goals.

beach 2015 7 ^ I think in a few more months I’m going to be able to let go of your hand and you and Toby can play your hearts out in the water together.

beach 2015 2^ Toby has his beach strut down pat.

beach 2015 19^ And yes, this is how Toby comes home every day. Yes the car is a sand pit, yes our home is too.

beach 2015 20^ The happiest beach bum around.

beach 2015 21^ The best thing about going to the beach, the gelato we all get at the end.

beach 2015 22