October 20, 2015

Why Do Dogs Twitch In Their Sleep?

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sleeping Toby

We had friends over the other night and Toby was asleep on the coach when he starting twitching like mad. His whole body shook, his eyes were semi opened, his eyeballs rolled into the back of his head. Our friend asked, ‘What is he doing? Is he having a seizure? Why is he doing that?’

Nope, no seizure, just dreaming!

Dogs dream and I like to think that Toby dreams about running to a massive block of cheese. Toby is always making running motions in his sleep. When you see your dog dream you may notice they twitch, tremble and make noises. And this is all totally normal, we humans do it too when we are in rapid eye movement sleep.

Rapid eye movement sleep, which is also called REM sleep, is the best kind of sleep, it’s when dogs and humans are in a phase of sleep that is very deep and the sleeper dreams very vividly which causes random movement of the eyes and muscles.

I remember when Toby did the whole body twitch for the first time and it really scared me because it looks like there is something seriously wrong. But there isn’t, it’s just Toby or your dog having a good old dream.

Sweet dreams, pooches of the world.

Sleeping Toby 3  Sleeping Toby 4