October 25, 2015

A New Business Venture

Posted in: Family

Toby and Andrew modelling Bow Ties

As you may know we were in Spain a few months ago for my brother in laws wedding. It was such a fun trip and an incredibly beautiful wedding held in Mas Torroella, in Palafrugell. My brother in law, Michael and his now wife, Lucy, live in the UK however got married in Spain because Lucy is half Spanish. People from all over the globe made the trip over which was a huge testament to how much love everyone has for those two.

During the planning stages of the wedding, Lucy found and fell in love with a gorgeous fabric that she wanted to turn into flower girl dresses for the children and matching bow ties for Michael and the groomsmen. She was able to find people to make the dresses but had no luck finding someone who would turn the fabric into bow ties.

In the end she asked if I could do it and sent over the fabric. I made 6 bow ties and loved seeing the end result on all the groomsmen. They looked pretty good, I must say. While I was making them I thought, I should make these for other people too and try sell them and see what happens.

Those that follow Toby on Instagram and regularly visit our Etsy store may have noticed I’m now making dog bow ties as well. Our bow ties for humans are of a better construction than our bow ties for dogs.

So yeah, that’s my new little business venture, it’s called, Do You Like My Bow Tie. I make bow ties with matching cufflinks and pocket squares. You can purchase the bow tie on its own or with matching cufflinks or a pocket square (or both!). Since the bow ties were such a success for the wedding, I also make custom bow ties for weddings or any event. So if you have a fabric that you want turned into a bow tie, I’m your girl.

You can see my new store here, if you like. Currently, I have an opening sale going on and we have already sold out on a few designs so I need to restock soon. They make a great addition to your wardrobe, lovely gifts, wonderful Christmas presents and the best stocking fillers.

Below are some photos from the wedding and a few bow ties you can find at Do You Like My Bow Tie. And if you like, you can follow @doyoulikemybowtie on Instagram and see Andrew model for me on a daily basis =)

lucy_michael-106 ^ The bow ties I made for the wedding, they looked so pretty in that box.

20150719-_DSC4564 ^ One of the groomsman wearing the bow tie and the flower girls wearing the dresses from the same fabric.

lucy_michael-156^ Andrew wearing his bow tie and getting pinned by Lucy’s father who wore a tie made from the same fabric.

lucy_michael-377^ Michael in his bow tie, with his beautiful wife.

kaleidoscope dreams andrew ^ And here we have Andrew modelling the Kaleidoscope Dreams full set. Bow tie with matching pocket square and cufflinks. You can see this design, here.

Buddy Holly bow tie and cufflinks ^ And this is one of my favourites, the Buddy Holly bow tie and matching cufflinks which you can view, here.

Kung Fu Panda Black and White Bow Tie and Pocket Square Handkercheif ^ Andrew looking all serious in the Kung Fu Panda bow tie and matching pocket square, here.

Rosealine Bow Tie and Cufflinks^ This one is called the Rosaline and she’s a pretty one, you can see her, here.

orange soda andrew^ The Orange Soda Pop bow tie and matching pocket square, here.

james dean matching bow tie cufflinks pocket square handkerchief^ The James Dean Full set, here.