October 26, 2015

On Leash Season

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25th October 2015 7

I have a love, hate relationship with the beach this time of year. I love it because the sun is out and our trips to the beach are more than just a walk along the shore. We usually park ourselves and enjoy the glorious weather and cool off in the water. What I hate is, during Day Lights Savings between the hours of 10am to 8pm dogs have to be on the leash on the beach. During the hot, hot summer it won’t be too bad because we can go before 10am and it’ll still be nice. But at the moment we want to go later than 10am so that means Toby has to stay on the leash.

Australia is so backwards with how they let dogs integrate into society. For example, in most of Europe you can take a dog anywhere! We were in a department store in Berlin recently, similar to David Jones, and there were dogs everywhere. I asked my cousin, What happens if a dog wees on the clothes? Or does a poo on the floor? She said, You have to buy the clothes or pick up the poo. Fair enough. In Europe you can take dogs on public transport, hold them in your lap on the plane, and many cafes and restaurants don’t care at all if you bring them inside. Maybe leave dogs out of cafes and restaurant but everything else, if you have a well behaved dog they should be allowed to come with you, wherever that may be.

Anyway, we spent most of yesterday at the beach, Toby having a great time on the lead and Thomas trying to put the whole beach into his mouth.

25th October 2015 23^ Toby, I think you’re a little overdressed for the beach, no?

25th October 2015 21 ^ I love this daggy legionnaire hat we got for Thomas in Spain, it makes my heart pang every time he wears it.

25th October 2015 22 ^ Hanging around waiting for Papa to erect the beach shade, tent thingy.

25th October 2015 20 ^ Are you going to share some of that with me?

25th October 2015 19 ^ No? Well in that case what else did mum pack for you that I can have?

25th October 2015 18^ This boy needs a haircut. His hair is making him look way older than he actually is.

25th October 2015 17 ^ These beach shades are the best, they make you feel cozy under it, take the edge off the sun and let a cool breeze come through.

25th October 2015 16 ^ This photo of Toby makes me laugh, it’s as if we’re at home on the couch. As soon as Andrew sat down, Toby made himself comfortable for a bit of a relaxation session. We just got here Toby, go play!

25th October 2015 15

25th October 2015 14

25th October 2015 13 ^ Is there anything better than watching your pooch have a good ol’ run around?! Yes, but watching Toby like this makes me happy.

25th October 2015 12 ^ That was a bit too much excitement, need a little sit down and get the heart rate down.

25th October 2015 11

25th October 2015 10 ^ Always digging for bones.

25th October 2015 8 ^ Strawberries covered in sand, yum!

25th October 2015 6^ My favourite part of summer at the beach is watching Toby swim, he kills me with how hard he tries to keep his mouth shut so no salt water will entre it.

25th October 2015 5 ^ Can’t wait for Thomas to join you in there, buddy.

25th October 2015 3

25th October 2015