October 28, 2015

Food Thomas Loves

Posted in: Baby

Thomas is pretty adventurous with food and will always surprise me with the things he loves. Most of the time it’s food I’m certain he won’t like.

This whole ‘learning to eat’ stage is an interesting one. It’s fun and enjoyable when Thomas is in the mood to eat but when he puts up a fight, it’s beyond frustrating and for me, when I’m tired, can tip me over the edge.

Breakfasts are usually a breeze, lunch is pretty good but for some reason dinner is a challenge. Thomas is tired from the day, I’m tired from the day, dinner doesn’t seem to work and all of a sudden I feel like I’m in the midst of, ‘Stop the world, I want to get off!’ thoughts.

I thought I would start sharing some posts of the foods Thomas is in love with and will happily open his mouth for.

To kick things off, this simple dish has 3 ingredients: Kiwi, Banana and Greek Yoghurt. I give this one to Thomas as dessert after his lunch or dinner.

kiwi banana greek yoghurt 3^ 3/4 cup of Greek yoghurt, half a banana & half a kiwi fruit

kiwi banana greek yoghurt2 ^ Throw it is a bowl

kiwi banana greek yoghurt^ And mash it up into a consistency that’s right for your baby.

I would love to hear of some foods that you are having success with, please do share!

Bon appétit.