October 29, 2015

When Your Best Friend Is A Dog

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Thomas has started to show comprehension towards a word. And, surprise, surprise, that word is Toby. It makes sense, it’s the word I say around the house the most. A lot of the dialogue I have with Thomas centres around Toby.

‘What’s Toby doing?’
‘Look, there’s Toby.’
‘Let’s play with Toby.’
‘Where should we hide Toby’s toy?’
‘What do you think Toby is thinking?’
‘Let’s find Toby.’
‘Let’s run away from Toby.’
‘Should we take Toby to the beach?’

And a million other sentences that all centre around the Wigglebottom.

Naturally now when ever I say Toby’s name, Thomas will search for him. He doesn’t do that to my name or Andrew’s name. Only Toby’s and I totally love that.

When Toby walks into the room, Thomas lights up. He loves watching Toby play and when he is on the floor he will roll and scoot over to Toby to be closer to him. Toby is the only one Thomas squeals in delight to when he sees him in the morning.

I’ll be changing Thomas and Toby will walk into the nursery and I’ll say, ‘Look, here comes Toby,’ and straight away Thomas will turn his head, look at Toby, flap his arms, smile and squeal. It’s pure magic.

It hurts my heart when I think about the fact Thomas won’t always have his brother by his side. There will come a time when Toby will no longer be here. Thomas will grow up and the memories of the bond and love he has for Toby will start to fade.

Thomas will become a teenager and then an adult and he’ll look back on all these photos of a little boy with his beloved furry brother and hopefully smile (and laugh at how ridiculous his mother was) and think how lucky he was to have such a great friend always there with him, he was never alone.

I hope Thomas looks at all these photos and remembers that his first best friend was a dog.

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