November 3, 2015

9 Months

Posted in: Baby


Dearest Child of Ours,

This morning as we were walking your brother along the beach, I was trying to figure out which part of your journey has gone the quickest. The 9 months you were inside or the 9 months outside. Both went by at lightening speed.

It has been such a hoot getting to know you and you fit into our family perfectly, we couldn’t have ordered a more suitable family member. We would choose you over and over again. And even though you annoy Toby endlessly, I know he would choose you over and over again too.

Speaking of Toby, you’re in love with him. You light up and squeal every time you see him. You always try so hard to be near him. You’ll roll and scoot until you’re red and sweaty to reach him and as soon as he’s in your reach, you grab his fur. However, Toby doesn’t want a bar of this so he gets up and moves to the other side of the room and then you roll and scoot towards him yet again. You just want to be near him. When you’re a bit older and can understand that Toby likes to be touched in a more gentler fashion, he will stop moving away from you, promise.

We have been sending your dad videos this month of you doing things since you’ve become more active and lively. When he views these at uni he always messages me back saying, ‘I miss you guys, I so wish I was home.’ His favourite video has been when I’ve put you in the laundry basket and span you around and around on the floor. We pretended we were in the Spinning Cups at Disneyland, you laughed and laughed, you had the best time.

Do you know what I love which has been a bit of a secret between you and me until now? When dad reads to you in the living room, you’ll be sitting on his lap, the book stretched out in front of both of you, he can’t see your face but it looks like you’re looking at the book. He will read and you’ll laugh and squeal and dad will say, ‘Look at how engaged he is with the story.’ I’ll look at you and you’re not looking at the book, you’re staring at me, laughing because you can see me. I’ll say, ‘Oh yeah, he’s loving it!’ and make faces at you, you laugh so much papa says, ‘He really does.’ But you’re not paying any attention to the book, just me. You do this all the time. I always say to you, you only have eyes for mama.

You now have 6 teeth and you’re letting them come through like a champion. You roll from your back to your front and your front to your back all day long. You can stand up with support and when you hold onto our hands, you can walk. You’re still saying Dada and sometimes, something that sounds very similar to Daddy. You know the word Toby and that it belongs to your brother.

You love Greek Yoghurt and as your Halloween costume you went as a Greek Yoghurt delivery man, hence the photo above. Your brother went as a ghost. You love Greek Yoghurt so much that when you refuse to eat whatever it is I have slaved to make you, I slather it in Greek Yoghurt and you’ll eat it. I’m a little bit worried you’ll turn into yoghurt soon. I Googled it and I can’t find any evidence of that ever happening to anyone, yet. Maybe you’ll be the first person. We go through almost a litre a week, kid!

Anyway, that’s what’s been happening in your little life this month. This family has so much fun with you, thank you for giving us 9 months of this new life that we all so love .

Happy 9 months, kiddo.