November 15, 2015

Team TobyWigglebottom

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Helena and Toby November 2015

So, it’s 2 weeks until Team TobyWigglebottom drive around Outback Australia for a week, all in the name of research towards cancer. For those who are new here or need a recap, Andrew and our good friend Ricky entered the Mystery Box Rally last year. Only a select few got chosen to entre this race to raise money for cancer. Andrew and Ricky will be driving in a broken down dump of a car for a week in the Outback with no reception and lots of hope they don’t break down and finish the race.

Before the race, each team has to decide on an amount of money to raise. Andrew and Ricky decided $5,000 would be a good chunk of coin to give to cancer research.  They told family and friends about this and got a bit of money but nothing close to the money they were hoping for. Andrew asked me if I wanted to share my story about my parents on the Blog in the hope everyone could help make the $5,000 a reality.

I wasn’t too sure about sharing my story, none of my friends or even my sisters and Andrew knew the full story. I’ve never spoken about it to anyone because it’s too painful and for me, there is no point thinking about it or talking about it. It’s in the past and I like to leave it there.

However, I’m so glad I shared it.

You know, people are awesome. When that story went up on the Blog, we made $5,000 in 3 days. I cried so much in those 3 days, it was overwhelming. Today, we are sitting on $14,387.38!

All that money is going to go towards cancer research so we can one day live in a world where cancer is not a feared disease that rips family’s lives apart in such horrible, horrible ways. Or an illness that means death.

For the last 11 years I have been consulting my oncologist on a yearly basis, getting ultrasounds and MRIs to ensure I don’t have the same fate as my parents. Thanks to people donating money to cancer research, I have access to medical knowledge and equipment that would otherwise not exist. More and more people are surviving cancer because money has been spent on finding tests and treatments for this horrendous disease.

Money is the only thing that will help us find a cure for cancer.

Andrew and Ricky are looking forward to racing around the outback for a week. As Ricky said, they are racing not only in memory of the people we have loved and lost to cancer but also for everyone who helped Team TobyWigglebottom raise so much money. It’s incredible, thank you to those for making a donation and sharing my story.

Andrew is going to make a video about the trip so I’m looking forward to seeing that and sharing it with you all.

For those who missed my story you can read it here.

And if you would like to donate, even a dollar or two, we would love that. You can do it here.

Team TobyWigglebottom! These guys are raising money for cancer research by driving around outback Australia in November. In the last 3.5 days we have raised over $9,000. We are blown away. Help us create a world free of cancer by donating here^ Team TobyWigglebottom, ready to hit the road on the 28th of November.