December 15, 2015

10 Months

Posted in: Baby


Dearest Child of Ours,

You are now 10 months old and seriously Thomas, can we just stop growing for a little while because this whole baby thing is going way too quickly and I don’t want this stage to be over just yet.

People weren’t wrong when they said to enjoy every moment of the baby phase because it’s a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ kind of thing. Before you came along people told me to savoiur everything about you and every moment and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since you were born. Every moment I’m with you, I take you all in. Every day I study your face, I examine your little fingers and toes, I count your rolls and hug and kiss you all day long. I watch your face as you eat, as you watch people go by, as you look at objects. I just stare at you all day long. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll be staring at you forever.

The days with you are over so quickly, the weeks race past, your monthly birthdays are here too soon and all of a sudden we are here, 2 months away from the day you came Earth side and turned life into a dream. I can’t believe I’m starting to plan your first birthday, it feels like only yesterday we met for the very first time.

You have started crawling, first very slowly and now at lightening speed. Toby’s not too happy about that because you can get to him so quickly and grab his ball out of his mouth. You love playing fetch with him. I’ll throw the ball and both of you will go get it, Toby always gets there first and you squeal in delight when you see that he’s got the ball. You then chase him around the house until he lets you grab the ball off him. When you two play like that it makes me so happy that you love Toby as much as we do. Your Mama and Papa think Toby is your favourite person.

You have started Baby Gym with your little friends and it’s so much fun watching you interact with other little people. You like going up to babies and putting your hands on their face, this sweet act quickly goes downhill when you start smacking their cheeks. You’re still learning how to be gentle. You have 8 teeth and love biting us which hurts so much. You make your Mama and Papa scream on a daily basis with your sharp teeth. You also like sucking on our skin and you gave your Papa such a huge hicky on his arm, it’s completely black and blue. We are looking forward to the day you shower us with hugs and kisses instead of bites, pinches and sucks.

You went to your first concert to see Justine Clark and you loved it. You sat on my lap, frozen for pretty much the whole hour, watching with wide eyes. Five minutes before the concert was over you fell asleep and we stayed in our seats while everyone emptied the theatre. Once the lights came on and the cleaners entered, we were asked to leave and that’s when you woke up. Ever since that show you listen to Justine Clark every day. Your favourite songs are ‘Watermelon’ and ‘I Like to Sing’.

Your Papa is in charge of giving you your bed time feed and putting you to bed. He feeds you and then holds you in his arms until you fall asleep. He doesn’t have to do this because you are more than capable of going into your cot after your feed and falling asleep by yourself. But he loves that time with you in your room and watching you fall asleep in his arms. It usually takes about half an hour. You lie there and play with his prickly bread. He rubs his beard in your little hands and you chuckle. Your Papa likes watching you slowly surrender to sleep, he says it makes him tired watching you. When he has put you to bed he always comes out to me and says, ‘I love him. He is so beautiful.’

Thomas River, we still can’t believe you’re real, that this is real life. You are a dream and have made us deliriously happy, thank you.

We love you and we just want to spend the rest of our lives making you happy.

Happy 10 Months, our love.