December 26, 2015

Merry Christmas, 2015

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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I hope a great day was had by all.

This year’s Christmas was obviously a very special one for us thanks to our new family member. Thomas had no idea what was going on and he cared more about the swing tag on his presents than the actual presents. I can’t wait for him to get into the Christmas spirit in a few years. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I’m looking forward to sharing the joy, the singing and the magic with him.

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve with our friends who have become our family and it was a wonderful, wonderful night. And on Christmas day we celebrated as a family of 4 because unfortunately, we weren’t able to celebrate with our extended family.

It was such a relaxing day without any distractions and a real joy to spend the whole day together which hasn’t happened in a while. Although Andrew is on uni holidays at the moment, he is working 6 days a week and doesn’t get to spend much time with us especially Thomas.

This year, Andrew and I set a budget of $100 to fill each other’s stockings. The challenge was to buy a few things that were meaningful and didn’t go over $100. Toby got presents too which he loved, 2 new friends, Buster and Claud and bones. Thomas was the one who lucked out the most and got spoilt by everyone.

Lunch was our main event and was spent by the river eating produce I had purchased from the Central Market the day before. We listened to Christmas songs, played frisbee and passed out on the grass from too much food. Thomas fell asleep and we spoke about the incredible year we have had. At times it has been stressful especially for Andrew juggling uni, assignments, exams, research projects and work while trying to spend as much quality time with Thomas as possible.

In the evening, once we put Thomas to bed for the night, we continued grazing on our leftover lunch and watched Christmas movies before going to bed at 11pm which was such a luxury for me as I’ve been up in the Neckerchief Factory till early in the morning for most of December.

At midnight Thomas woke up crying and after letting him cry for awhile, Andrew went into his room, got into his cot and helped him fall asleep. Andrew fell asleep in there, spooning Thomas.

So that was our first Christmas as a family of 4 and it was perfect. However you spent Christmas day, I hope it was a good one and you were surrounded by people who make your heart smile.

Merry Christmas!

IMG_9520  ^ Toby went first opening presents.

IMG_9521^ Toby’s new friend, Claud.

IMG_9519 ^ Andrew’s next.

IMG_9514^ Followed by me.

IMG_9513^ And then Thomas.

IMG_9515^ Merry Christmas from my family to yours.