December 30, 2015

Happy Birthday, Andrew

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Happy Birthday, Papa Bear!

What a year it has been for you. You have managed to achieve so many things this year, it makes my head spin. Your ability to have so much on your plate and execute it all inspires and amazes me. I would be so much more productive on a daily basis if I just took a leaf from your book.

The biggest role of your life happened this year and I always knew you would do well in it but watching you in action makes my heart explode. The way you care, worry about and love Thomas is something else. When I watch the two of you play I think about how lucky Thomas is to call you his father for the rest of his life. To have such a great role model to look up to, for such a kind hearted and open minded man to show him the way and to help him understand the world, he is really going to be OK.

Like I said to you this morning, whether you believe it or not, I think about you every day and thank the universe for you because you are something else. How I managed to get so lucky, who knows, but I’ll take it and I’ll keep you. You’re my favourite person and have given me the purpose of life, to be happy.

HB, handsome.

To the moon and back.


(the photo above was taken this morning after we finished singing Happy Birthday and Thomas came up to Andrew and gave him a big hug – Andrew loves hugs so it couldn’t have been more perfect)