January 9, 2016

11 Months

Posted in: Baby


Dearest Child of Ours,

Your last month on Earth being under 1. I hope you enjoy reading these monthly posts to see what you did in your first year of life, one day. You’ll get your last post on February the 3rd, when you turn 1.

This month I’m just going to show you this. This short video sums you up this month. You’re best friends with your brother, you love him dearly and you’re always by his side. You smile all day long, any time of the day even when you just wake up. You’re obsessed with wriggling, you face plant and wriggle all the time. You make us happy, my gosh do you make us happy.

Thomas River, our hearts are so full and it’s all because of you.

Happy 11 Months, kid.