February 18, 2016

16 Years

Posted in: Family

h and c

Today, 16 years ago I was at a party that would shape the rest of my life. Andrew was there too and he had decided at this particular party he would muster up the courage to ask me out. He did and I replied with an, ‘Of course!’

Anyway, fast forward 16 years and here we are.

Andrew left for uni before I got up this morning and he’ll be home after I go to bed. But we did get to see each other for an hour at Baby Gym as Andrew had some spare time between hospital rounds to come meet Thomas and I there. How things have changed.

So no celebrations this year to mark this occasion.

It’s funny, before Thomas came along Andrew said, ‘We need to make sure we go on a date once a week when the baby is here.’ What a hilarious comment, we have been on 1 date since his arrival. These days life is so busy we are lucky if Andrew and I can sit down and have a chat for 15 minutes.

It’s OK, we’re just at a stage in our lives where things are moving very quickly, there is a lot going on and we’re trying to juggle everything as best as we can. It’s a full life at the moment but a very fun one.

Andrew, thanks for asking me out all those years ago. That question has given me a life I didn’t think was possible.

Love you, my one and only.