March 15, 2016

Life Lately

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So far 2016 has been busy, busier than ever thanks to Andrew’s contact hours at uni this year.

Andrew is now deep in his 3rd year of his medical degree and so far this year has been the most challenging. The workload and expectations are high, the hours are long and there isn’t much time for anything else.

Honestly, I don’t know how we would be able to do this baby/uni thing if I was back at work. My role now is Thomas’ mother and Andrew’s personal assistant, both are full time jobs. Andrew doesn’t have the time to do his million other jobs that need to be done, which all get hand balled to me. From doing the little things such as making his lunch for uni to calling his dental patients to follow up on how they are going after their treatment and everything in between. 

Andrew leaves for uni each day at 7.30am and gets home about 6pm, Monday to Friday. On Saturdays he works up to 12 hours and Sunday is his only day off. The spare time he does have, he crams in study, works on his Research Project and, his main priority, hanging out with Thomas. Feeling like he doesn’t spend enough time with Thomas is his main stress and worry.

We have tried a few things to make sure Andrew sees and spends quality time with Thomas during the week. We have discovered what works best is putting Thomas to bed at his normal bed time of 7pm and waking him up around 9pm so Andrew can hang out with him for an hour. Thomas loves this time with his Papa, hanging out, being silly and reading books together.

Less time with each other, balancing uni, work and home life, it’s hard but any kind of life situation is hard. Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. And we are reacting to our life situations by enjoying the simple things like watching Thomas and Toby’s friendship and bond grow, coffee, coffee and more coffee, hanging out with our friends, talking about our future with our new baby in August and savouring every moment of those rare days where all 4 of us are together.

Life is great.

Below are some photos from my camera and iPhone of life lately.

15th March 2016 (6)^ This is beyond gorgeous! We have been teaching Thomas how to give cheese to Toby. Toby ever so gently licks it out of his hands. Toby loves this and Thomas loves it too. He gives Toby anything he doesn’t want to eat. Win, win.

15th March 2016 (7)^ This is not gorgeous, Thomas’ fascination with Toby’s water bowl. No matter how many times I tell Thomas off, he is always at Toby’s water bowl splashing and tipping it over. If it wasn’t so hot outside the water bowl would live there.

IMG_3237 ^ Beautiful Toby working on the truck load of orders we have at the moment and making sure his hair is on point. Toby knows his priorities. We have a sale on now at our Neckerchief store, you can take a look at it, here.

IMG_3239 ^ Always by each others side. I love them so much.

15th March 2016 (13)^ Hey everyone, coffee is here!

15th March 2016 (3)^ Pretty much every person you see in this photo came up to Toby and gave him pats and ear rubs. He is very loved every day by strangers and Toby loves it.


IMG_4474^ We have a walker! Thomas has been on the move for the last 2 weeks. Watching him walk on his own is the cutest thing in the world. The concentration on his face, his jazz hands to help him balance, the un coordination, we just love it all.

15th March 2016 (9)

15th March 2016 (10)

15th March 2016 (14)IMG_4334 ^ Thomas loves the fridge at the moment and Toby would very much like Thomas to be taller so he can reach the cheese. One day, Toby.

IMG_3909 ^ Counting down the days to add another Wigglebottom into our bed.

IMG_4276 ^ Catching the tram to meet some friends. Thomas loves the tram and will stay like this the entire time.

IMG_4204^ So many lovely readers have sent me emails of reassurance that Thomas will one day enjoy food and become less of a fussy eater. It’s getting easier…Greek Yoghurt is my best friend!

15th March 2016 (17)^ Forever sleeping together. I love you Toby, I love you Thomas.