April 17, 2016

Toby & Thomas’ Playroom

Posted in: Family

Thomas' Room28

Thomas’ room is one of my favourite rooms in our home, especially in the late afternoon when the sunshine streams through the windows. And on these colder days, we all curl up in front of the tee pee, read books and let the sunlight warm us up.

These boys of mine love hanging out together in here. As soon as Toby realises Thomas has gone into his room, Toby is in there like a flash. Getting into his favourite position in the tee pee.

We have been teaching Thomas how to play fetch with Toby. But now Thomas seems to play fetch with all of his toys and this goes on every time they are in this room.

When Toby wants some quiet time away from us all he will go into Thomas’ room and find a spot in the tee pee and get some shut eye, it’s so sweet.

Lately, when we’re playing in here I daydream about what it’ll be like with our new family member and how wonderful it’ll be with 3 little souls in this room. I can’t wait for this baby to join our family.

Thomas' Room13^ Miffy greets everyone who goes into the tee pee. She’s pretty at night when we light her up. She can be found, here.

Thomas' Room15^ Best friends sitting on their bear blanket which can be found, here.

Thomas' Room11^ This Wigglebottom is always sticking out of the tee pee.

Thomas' Room12^ Thomas has his keyboard in the tee pee and the music he plays is only slightly annoying. We like it when he accidently presses the ‘demo’ button and we can listen to some actual music for a few minutes.

Thomas' Room31^ This sweet felt flag is from, here.

Thomas' Room14^ Toby getting into position for fetch.

Thomas' Room9^ And then Toby does what he does best with everything he fetches, chews it to death.

Thomas' Room18^ Knee high socks and squidgy thighs, is there anything better?

Thomas' Room19 ^ This is Toby’s favourite position in the tee pee. You can always find him here when he wants a nap or some quiet time away from the family.

Thomas' Room20 ^ Bags full of stuffed toys. The geometric paper bag is from BigW and the spotted cloth bag from a Japanese store in the city, whoes name I have forgotten. The counting frame is a vintage find.

Thomas' Room21 ^ Welcome to our playroom!

Thomas' Room22 ^ Hello beautiful boy.

Thomas' Room24

Thomas' Room26^ This tee pee is packed full of toys, musical instruments and pillows. Hours of endless fun.

Thomas' Room23^ This tee pee is from here and it’s truly the best. Thomas loves it in there and I love that all of his stuff is hidden and allows his room to be tidy…most of the time.

Thomas' Room30^ Another vintage find.

Thomas' Room10^ I made these tactile learning cards and we use them every other day. A blog post on that to come.

Thomas' Room33

Thomas' Room32^ Another vintage find, a geometrical shelf and a plant from the markets.

Thomas' Room8 ^ Thomas is always making this face of late, always.

Thomas' Room7^ Poor Toby, always getting pushed and prodded around these days.

Thomas' Room6

Thomas' Room5 ^ Nope, it doesn’t fit there, Thomas.

Thomas' Room4^ I don’t know what Toby is doing here, he put himself in this position. Maybe you want a belly scratch, Toby?

Thomas' Room27

Thomas' Room2^ Thomas is a Peppa Pig lover and got this bag from his grandmother. He loves it and I love that he loves her.

Thomas' Room^ Working together to start the motorbike.