April 19, 2016

Sunday, Lovely Sunday

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17th April 2016 (8)

There’s no better day of the week than Sunday for us. It’s the only day we can all be together without any uni or work commitments. With Andrew at uni 5 days a week and then a full day of work on Saturdays, we rarely get to see him. And we all hate it. So we always look forward to Sundays. We usually treat ourselves with breakfast at a cafe as a family or with friends. There’s nothing better than starting the day off with a good breakfast and coffee that someone else has made for you.

Our chits chats these days over breakfast crack me up. This year Andrew’s uni days are solely in hospitals doing 4 week rotations in different departments. At the moment he’s watching women give birth and surgeons performing cesareans. He’s examining women, inserting catheters, drawing blood, doing really interesting things. And his stories are always fascinating. Then when it’s my turn to talk about interesting things that have happened, the best I can give him (besides updates on Thomas) is, ‘You may have wondered why there are so many packets of Sakatas in the pantry. They were on sale for only $1!’ Andrew always finds it pretty amusing, all the mundane things I share with him, it always makes us laugh pretty hard.

Although I miss teaching, feeling like I’m contributing to society, and having interesting stories from the week to share with Andrew at breakfast, at the moment there’s no place I’d rather be then spending my days watching Thomas grow and watching the friendship between Toby and Thomas become deeper and deeper.

Below are some photos of our Sunday morning. I love these boys of mine.

17th April 2016 (3)^ Thomas’ friends that come out with us. A useful tow truck (the tow truck’s own words) and Thomas’ green wooden plane.

17th April 2016 (4)

17th April 2016 (5)^ This time round, in my first trimester, I totally went off coffee and I hated it, life just didn’t feel right. Thankfully my love for coffee has come back. Looking forward to the days when I can have more than 1 cup a day.

17th April 2016 (2)

17th April 2016 (6)

17th April 2016 (7)^ Toby never misses out on breakfast treats. This boy sure does love his bacon.

17th April 2016 (9) ^ Any more bacon coming, mum?

17th April 2016 (10)

17th April 2016 (11)

17th April 2016 (12)^ This photo of Toby cracks me up. He definitely has an appreciation for the sunshine. Sometimes I’ll find him like this in our backyard, face saluting the sun and basking in all it’s glory.

17th April 2016

17th April 2016 (13) ^ Thomas’ obsession of late is pushing the pram. As soon as we let him out he’ll walk straight to the back of it, place his hands on the basket and push. Every 30 or 40 steps, he’ll have a quick sit down, recharge and get back up and push. It’s beyond adorable and a very slow process to get anywhere.

17th April 2016 (14)

17th April 2016 (15) 17th April 2016 (16) ^ A stop at the park before going home.

17th April 2016 (18)17th April 2016 (20) ^ Thomas loves being swung high, Toby not so much.

17th April 2016 (21)

17th April 2016 (22)

17th April 2016 (23)^ Toby, always waiting for Thomas. Their friendship is something else, how lucky they are to have each other. Heart pangs.