May 1, 2016

Sharing Food With Toby

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1st May 2016 (13)

Ask Toby what his favourite stage of his brother’s life has been so far and he’ll say, right now. Reason being, food! Thomas is going through an ‘I like to feed myself, thanks’ phase and enjoys sharing all his meals with Toby. And I don’t have a problem with it because it’s so adorable to watch and I love that Thomas wants to share with his brother.

Toby has always been a fussy eater even with his favourite foods, cheese and bacon. When we give him these treats he never snatches it out of our hands or gulps it down. Rather, he will first smell it, carefully lick it and then ever so gently curl his tongue around the cheese or bacon and take his time chewing and swallowing it. We always say to Toby, ‘You’re not a real dog!’ Besides cheese, bacon and his kibble he hasn’t cared for any other types of foods. We have tried giving him left overs or food that falls onto the floor while we’re cooking and he won’t even go near it.

However, lately, Toby has been eating almost everything Thomas gives him. Which is handy for me because there’s less mess to clean up. When it’s meal time, Toby will get into position and Thomas will start eating. Toby will sit and wait patiently, just looking at Thomas waiting for him to make eye contact so Toby can telepathically say, ‘Some food, please.’

When Thomas does eventually see Toby, he will hold out his hand of food towards Toby. Toby being the polite one, waits until he drops it which can take ages or sometimes never happens.

I know I sound like a broken record but I am just loving watching these two at the moment.

1st May 2016 (2) ^ We really need to invest in one of those bibs that catches food.

1st May 2016 (3)^ Thomas holding out a fist full of food for Toby and Toby seeing if it landed on the floor.

1st May 2016 (6) ^ Toby’s face, waiting to make eye contact with his brother.

1st May 2016 (9)

1st May 2016 (10)

1st May 2016 (11)

1st May 2016 (12)^ Here Toby, take it.

1st May 2016 (14) ^ Toby having a little look to see if there’s anything even on his plate.

1st May 2016