May 3, 2016

Dr. Thomas

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2nd May 2016 (13)

There’s a Doctor’s Kit in the house that’s getting a workout and it doesn’t belong to Andrew. Thomas has been waking up in the morning and running into the living room where his Doctor’s Kit is. He opens it with such enthusiasm, oohing and ahhing as he finds his favourite medical instruments, the thermometer, needle and stethoscope.

I’ve been trying to show Thomas where to put each instrument and so far he gets that you wear the stethoscope, put the thermometer in your mouth (although according to Thomas, everything goes in the mouth) and the scissors and knives are used to poke and prod. If Toby is feeling up to it he will stay still or lie down and let Thomas use all the instruments on him. Other times he’ll see Thomas approaching and runs away to a spot where Thomas can’t get to him.

As Thomas grows up I really want him to be interested in the human body and medicine. I never was but since Andrew has been studying medicine, the stories he comes home with and the things he has seen and done blow my mind. The human body is truly remarkable and the things people are capable of doing to help other human beings amaze me. I have to admit, I hope our children will one day be fascinated and captivated by the stories Andrew tells them about the human body.

On a side note, I’m on the hunt for a kid friendly ‘abstract artsy’ type of print of the human body for Thomas’ room. I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for but I’ll know if I see it. I’ve been looking online and in shops with no avail. So if anyone knows of anything, please do share.

Here are some photos of Toby’s operation yesterday after seeing Dr. Thomas.

2nd May 2016 (2)^ Toby waiting to be seen by Dr. Thomas, he was running a little late.

2nd May 2016 (6)^ Here he comes.

2nd May 2016 (1)^ Toby is pretty lucky to be seen by one of the best doctors in the country.

2nd May 2016 (10)^ Dr. Thomas telling Mr. Wigglebottom he may need an operation based on his symptoms but he’ll need to run some tests to confirm.

2nd May 2016 (11)  2nd May 2016 (9) ^ Dr. Thomas getting his instruments ready for Mr. Wigglebottom’s examination.

2nd May 2016 (8)

2nd May 2016 (24)^ Dr. Thomas getting the bed ready for his patient.

2nd May 2016 (18) ^ Mr. Wigglebottom looking a little concerned.

2nd May 2016 (17)^ Now, let’s do some tests to see if you need an operation.

2nd May 2016 (15)^ And just one more test, the spoon test.

2nd May 2016 (16) ^ Sorry to say Mr. Wigglebottom but you’ll need an operation because you have eaten too much cheese and now have a cheesy heart.

2nd May 2016 (21) 2nd May 2016 (23)^ A nervous Mr. Wigglebottom getting ready for his operation.

2nd May 2016 (22)^ Now, let me just get out of your way and get you ready to go to sleep.

2nd May 2016 (4)^ Dr. Thomas waiting for the anaesthetic to kick in.

2nd May 2016 (26) ^ Time for the operation to start.

2nd May 2016 (25)^ Dr. Thomas putting his excellent medical skills to work.

2nd May 2016 (5)^ Excuse me Mr. Wigglebottom, wake up, the operation is over.

2nd May 2016 (12)^ Dr. Thomas having a well deserved rest after another successful surgery.