May 10, 2016

Not So Perfect Photos To Reflect A Not So Perfect Day

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Mother's Day 2016 (2) Mother's Day 2016

Mother’s Day happened on Sunday and the week leading up to it I was excited, very excited. I love days where the whole world celebrates together and I was looking forward to what my family had in store for me.

It didn’t start off well, for the first time in many months Thomas decided to wake up at 4am. I got up to give him a quick cuddle and settle him back down but it didn’t work. After half an hour of trying different things, Andrew got up and took over. I couldn’t get back to sleep because of Thomas’ crying. At 5:30 we decided to bring him into our bed. Thomas thinks it’s play time whenever he’s in bed with us and he was clambering all over us while we were trying to get him to lie still and sleep.

Pepper Pig on the iPhone got rid of the wriggles and around 6am he fell asleep between us. We finally got some shut eye as well.

Andrew’s alarm went off at 7am. The plan was for him to make pancakes and coffee as part of my breakfast in bed deal, which I was looking forward to, before we went off at 8am for the Breast Cancer Mother’s Day Classic. When the alarm went off Andrew asked if it was OK to have a sleep in or if I wanted him to get up to make me pancakes.

I wanted breakfast but knew he’d had a very busy week with little sleep and with the Mother’s Day Classic happening in a few hours, I said he could sleep in, but I was a bit annoyed.

We got up at 7:30 and quickly got ready. I had a genius idea of making Thomas toast with Nutella and gave it to him in the car to eat. We stopped by a bakery to pick up a greasy pastry and bad coffee before the Classic.

Once we parked and got Thomas out, he was covered in Nutella – face, clothes, car seat, hair. He was pretty happy with himself.

The Mother’s Day Classic started, it was our 10th year starting Mother’s Day this way and we were waiting for the 7km walk to start when Thomas started to become fussy in his carrier. It was then that I realised we probably should have brought the pram rather than have him strapped to Andrew for 7kms. As we passed the 1km point I realised this wasn’t going to work and we pulled out.

We walked back to the car and drove home. Thomas and Andrew went back to bed and I made myself pancakes with a few tears hitting the frying pan. Eating my pancakes on my own, I really sobbed and thought how ridiculous this day was and how much I had been looking forward to it. Then I thought how ridiculous I was being.

I finished eating, got up and did the washing, vacuumed and pottered around the house while I waited for everyone to wake up.

Andrew asked if there was anything I wanted to do for the rest of the day and being annoyed I gave the mature response of, ‘Nothing,’ which really translated to, ‘You should have an idea of what we can do to rectify this day.’

Thomas, Toby and Andrew went off outside to ‘sterilise’ Thomas’ medical instruments. Thomas loves playing with water and Andrew filled a jar half full of water and Thomas brought his Doctor’s Bag and a pear he was eating to the ‘Sterilisation Area.’ Thomas popped his pear into the water and I heard Andrew say, ‘Good work buddy, the pear is what sterilises all the equipment so you don’t pass germs onto other patients using your tools.’ Hearing this from the kitchen made me smile. I watched Thomas put all his tools into the jar, one by one and stir them around, Andrew telling him the name of each instrument.

It was then that I thought how dumb I was being and if not having the perfect Mother’s Day morning was the biggest problem I had in my life, I should really get over myself.

That saying, “If this is the biggest problem in my life right now, you’re doing pretty well,” has been uttered so many times over the years and always puts everything into perspective for both Andrew and I.

I went out and sat next to them and put my head on Andrew’s shoulder. Andrew explained what they were doing and how thoroughly and seriously Thomas was taking his job. He then said we should go put our raincoats on and go for a walk to get a coffee and a treat.

Walking through the rain with my family to get some afternoon treats washed all the minor imperfections of the day away and I thought how lucky I am to call these (furry)people my family. How much I love my family and how much I love being a mama.

They are all I need.

Happy Mother’s Day to all.