May 13, 2016

Toby Goes For A Ride

Posted in: Baby Dog

7th May 2016 (13)

Thomas is obsessed with pushing his pram around. I’ll take him to the park and instead of using the play equipment he’ll go straight for the pram. It’s cute and annoying. We have realised, if we want him to interact with his surroundings, we can’t take the pram with us.

At the moment, Thomas is at that stage where he wants to communicate with us but doesn’t have the language skills to do so. He’ll babble away in his own language and when we don’t do what he’s asking, he’ll scream in frustration.

Toby gets this kind of treatment too especially when it comes to pushing Toby in the pram. Thomas will ask Toby in his own language to sit in the pram and when Toby looks blankly at him, Thomas screams at him. This is when I tell Toby to get up into the pram and Thomas happily pushes his brother around. It’s pretty adorable and Toby is always a good sport and takes part for a bit before realising life is much better when his nose is close to the ground.

Here are some photos of Thomas doing his favourite thing at the moment and Toby (clearly) having the time of his life.


7th May 2016 (8)7th May 2016 (9) 7th May 2016 (10) 7th May 2016 (11) 7th May 2016 (12)